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When you’re ready to open your dental practice, there are several things that you want to take into consideration.

Have you signed a non-compete contract with the practice you worked at while gaining experience? You need to make sure that your new practice is outside the geographic area covered by the non-compete. 

Is there an area where there is a future community being planned? Reviewing a city’s master plan and discussing it with real estate professionals can give you good information and insight into the future growth plans of the area.

Do you know of an area that is underserved by dentists? Take the time to think through where you want to place your practice based on the number of people who will need your services. It may be far easier to establish yourself in an area where there are few dentists, in comparison to the local population, than it is to establish yourself in an area that is over-saturated. When you are opening a clinic, you should have a target demographic that you are trying to reach. Keeping this demographic in mind can help you choose the clinic location.

Once you’ve narrowed down your general geographic area, you’ll need to choose the ideal location for your new practice. Think about visibility, accessibility,  signage, parking, size of the building. Make sure to carefully consider a practice that will offer you room to grow without leaving you with too much extra space to maintain in these early years. 

Phelps & Frias Commercial Realty can help you find the ideal location that will meet all your specific needs!