Optometrist Office Real Estate

Whether you are a new optometrist looking to start your own practice after graduating, or a seasoned veteran who has long worked in the field of optometry, finding the perfect office space is a constant challenge that can have a significant impact on the success of your business. If you are searching for new optometrist office real estate, Phelps Commercial Realty can be your trusted partner throughout the process.

Building a Successful Optometry Practice

When you graduate from school as an O.D., you are well prepared to provide quality optometry care to your patients, but you may not be very prepared to research and find a new optometrist office, then negotiate good lease terms that include all the aspects you need to grow your business. Phelps Commercial Realty understands what your lease should include, and can help you focus on several key aspects, including:

  • Researching and identifying the appropriate demographics for your client base.
  • Finding available options for a location that fits your business needs, is accessible and convenient for your target market, and easy for patients to find.
  • Negotiating lease deals that include important contract options, such as parking, signage, maintenance and repairs, lease terms, renewal terms, assignment options, and free rent while the landlord prepares the premises for your needs.

Phelps Commercial Realty has the resources you need to successfully navigate the searching, negotiations, and closure of your optometry office space real estate transactions. If you are in the process of locating the ideal office space for your optometry practice, Phelps can help.

Knowing The Needs of your Practice

At Phelps Commercial Realty, we know that no two optometry practices are quite alike, and every doctor has different goals and objectives for their business. We take the time to sit down and listen to exactly what you expect from your business so we can find the right optometrist offices that meet the need.

In addition, we are a listing broker that works exclusively with tenant representation, avoiding the conflict of interest that can come from companies who work with both tenants and landlords or sellers.

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Find Your Ideal Office Space

Before you sign a contract on just any optometrist office for lease, contact the advisers at Phelps Commercial Realty today to discover how our experience in optometrist office real estate can help you build and grow a thriving practice in your community.