Dental Office Real Estate

As a dental health professional, you want to focus on providing high quality oral health care, and not worry about finding the right dental office real estate, negotiating the best terms, and getting the perfect location to build your client base. At Phelps Commercial Realty, we specialize in finding the right real estate for dental, optical, and medical professionals.

Experienced Real Estate Negotiators

Phelps Commercial Realty is not a listing broker. We focus exclusively on helping healthcare professionals with full-service tenant representation. Our job is to identify the dentist office that is right for you and represent you without any conflict of interest. We put our experienced negotiators to work getting the best price, with negotiating tactics to get benefits like: below-market rental rates, tenant improvement money, option terms, and even exclusivity so you won’t have competitors setting up dental offices right next door.

Real Estate Guidance You Can Use

We understand that every new dentist office is different, and every dental care provider has distinct business objectives and goals for building, maintaining, and growing a client base. At Phelps Commercial Realty, we take the time to advise you on the best options for your practice, and analyze your unique goals to match you with the perfect property solutions. We have an extensive listing of dentist offices for lease, and take several factors into consideration during our search, including:

  • Desired square footage
  • Preferred demographics for the target client base
  • Rental rates within the specified budget
  • Tenant analysis to find complementary co-tenants with similar client demographic preferences
  • Accessibility and visibility to grow your business in the future

Talk to a Real Estate Advisor

Our expert advisors are here to help you get back to what you do best: practice dentistry. As a dentist, you can’t afford to leave patients waiting while you search for a new office. Taking the time out of your busy patient schedule to search through commercial real estate listings is not an option. Phelps can help.

Don’t let the wrong office space hinder your ability to grow a successful dental practice. Contact Phelps Commercial Realty to start the search for your ideal dental office space.